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Head Coach Certification

In an effort to provide the highest possible coaching to players in our province, BC Soccer has mandated that by the 2016 season, all head coaches must be certified at the level they are working by completing the coaching course designated for that level.  KYSA supports that mandate, and will be encouraging all our head coaches to get certified even before that 2016 deadline.   Once the schedule of courses for this area has been announced, all candidates for coaching next season will be notified, and encouraged to register for the appropriate course.   All registration costs for the courses will be covered.  As an additional incentive, our Board has agreed to provide a $100 rebate to their child's registration fees for all head coaches who are correctly certified at the level they will be working.
Posted on Wednesday, Nov 05, 2014

Team Assignment Procedures

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to put together teams in Spring that are competitively balanced.  Some teams have managed to stay pretty much intact from season to season, while others are continually changing players and coaches.  Some teams seldom lose any games year after year, while others suffer through a series of seasons with victories few and far between.  Some teams have very few or even no new players in the spring, as all their previous team returns.  Others have over half their team made up of beginning players, who  haven’t had the opportunities to develop their skills and game strategies like the more stable teams have.

Our board has decided to implement a different system, more in line with indoor soccer, hockey, baseball, and other local minor sports, using the following guiding principles for team selection:

--part of what house league soccer is about is providing opportunities for players to make new friends and experience a variety of coaching styles over their years in soccer;

--coaches will be asked for input re the relative strengths of their team and players  at the end of each season, in preparation for team selection next season;

--within any age group, the main goal of player assignment will be to provide as much competitive balance as possible;

--school attendance will be spread among all teams, rather than teams being made up mostly by players from a particular school;

--players new to KYSA will be divided equally among all teams;

--players may be shifted to another team within the first couple of weeks where an obvious imbalance still exists.

Any changes to teams will be made by the Board, in consultation with coaches, but not at the request  of parents wishing a different team for their child.  We would appreciate parents’ support as we seek to achieve equity for all teams, but will respectfully offer a full fee refund if parents are dissatisfied with their child’s placement.

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 05, 2014

Standardized Practice Nights for Age Groups

For the 2015 season, the Board is proposing to schedule all teams in a particular age group  to practice at the same place at the same time each week.   Mission Youth Soccer has been doing this the last couple of years, and is very pleased with the benefits.  Here are some of the reasons why it is being considered:

--teams can be scheduled to practice on a field that is appropriate to their age group.  Goals will be the right size, field sizes will be correct, etc.

--support for coaches can be provided.  For example, a lead coach can coordinate the curriculum and practice plans for age groups, and monitor and support coaches in ensuring players get the appropriate learning outcomes for their level. 

--specialized sessions/clinics can be provided to all teams. For example, a goalkeeping clinic could be done for all team goalies as part of the regular practice for all teams.

--parents will be able to car pool neighbourhood kids or friends who may be on different teams, because they will all be practicing on the same field.

--where competitive balance is an issue, players can be moved to other teams without worrying about changing practice times and locations.

There are also some limitations to implementing this system.  Some players may have conflicts with the practice night chosen for their age group.   Coaches also may have other commitments on that night.    Rutland and Mission clubs will likely have openings available to take care of these conflicts.



Posted on Monday, Nov 03, 2014

Final 2015 Division A Teams Announced

Thanks to all players who attended our tryouts this fall.   Decisions are always difficult, but places are limited, so choices were made based on the best information available to the evaluators. 

Teams will be posted as they are finalized.   All players should register as usual early in January.  Those who are not assigned to the Division A team will be placed on a Division B team when the season begins.

Girls U11                                                                     Boys U11
Head Coach -- Nikki Friesen                                            Head Coach -- Adil Rajwani                                  

Taylor Baker                                                                  Aiden Currie
Madysin Martin Brewer                                                   Devon Bolton                                            
Gabby Cavezza                                                              Ethan Methorst
Hannah Friesen                                                              Hudson Farrell                                             
Ava Graf                                                                        Izayah Rajwani
Tarynn Hope                                                                  Kourish Dabiri
Stephanie Hyatt                                                              Lucas Weber
Taylor Janicki                                                                  Mason Nabozniak
Ireland Jennens                                                               Mattias Reha
Makena Marble                                                                Nolan Dranchuk
Hannah Romano                                                              Rio Mendoza Angle
Emilia Schwarz                                                                Russell Kosec
Teah Thachyk                                                                 Steven Xu
                                                                                      Tyler Corke

Girls U12                                                                      Boys U12

Head Coach -- Dor'Ann Russouw                                      Head Coach -- Brady Ibbetson
Anna DeWynter                                                               Aiden Bell
Anya Raymond                                                                Brycen Thubron
Chloe Dehnel                                                                   Declan Monaghan
Damia Thalheimer                                                            Jarrett Bridget-Taylor
Danielle Pelletier                                                              Jeremy Laverdiere
Flora Watt                                                                       Joseph Uzelman
Georgia Insley                                                                 Kai Koverchuk
Julia Groening                                                                  Kolby Cyra
Madyson Greggor                                                             Kyle Mayner
Olivia Gran                                                                       Kyle McLeod
Sailor Janes                                                                      Logan Kam
Talia Russouw                                                                   Rylan Ibbetson
Tianna Cavezza                                                                 Sullivan Curran
Toni Willoughby                                                                Tanner Milligan

Girls U14                                                                         Boys U14
Head Coach -- Keath Kemper                                             Head Coach -- TBA

Final cuts to be made in the spring.                                     Adrian Russouw
                                                                                        Callum Bowen
Aimee Konstantinopoulos                                                    Gabe Uhrich
Annabelle Perry                                                                  Justin Laverdiere
Emily Metz                                                                         Kaden Phillipoff
Georgia Lawrence                                                               Kayan Cunningham
Grace Dietrich                                                                     Kol Widall
Hannah Pagliaro                                                                  Max Steppuhn
Jordan Kemper                                                                   Ashton Swaby
Julia Basso                                                                         Ayden Walker
Kassie Zukowski                                                                  Brandon Heinrich
Katerina Czencek                                                                 Dhevan Singh
Kenya Stoodley                                                                   Eli Wielgosz
Llala Joseph                                                                        Jonathan Bender
Malia Thompson                                                                   Kaya Rajwani
Megan Johnston                                                                   Lee Arnesen
Megan Van Dam                                                                   Mitch Dowden
Paige Foster                                                                         Taylor Werry
Quinn Polack
Sydney Hope
Taysha Boulter
Tessa Kosec

Girls U16 -- evaluations to be carried out                         Boys U16 
in the spring 2015
                                                                                        Head Coach -- Brad Farrell

                                                                                        Liam Duckworth
                                                                                        Tyrell Farrell
                                                                                        Grayson McMillan
                                                                                        Luke Almasi
                                                                                        Marco Stagg
                                                                                         Aaron Fox
                                                                                        Devon Garcha
                                                                                        Ben Main
                                                                                        Scott Freeman
                                                                                        Taylor Hudson
                                                                                        Milan Eakins
                                                                                        Marcus Walker
                                                                                        Keaston Swaby
                                                                                        Hayden Fabris
                                                                                        Brennan McInnes
                                                                                        Jake Main
                                                                                        Tommy DeWitt
                                                                                        Cole Daniels

Posted on Sunday, Oct 19, 2014

Thanks to Kidsport/Canadian Tire Jumpstart

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of two community minded organizations.   Kidsport and Canadian Tire Jumpstart have paid the 2014 soccer registration fees of 32 of our players, to a total subsidy of $4510.   Without their help, these children would not have an opportunity to play this great game.   Please consider donating to Kidsport and Canadian Tire Jumpstart programs when opportunities arise.

Posted on Thursday, Jun 05, 2014